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Paranormal Intervention has investigated  dozens of residents and businesses with a high success ratio.We are here to help anyone who feels they are living  with paranormal  activity.
We understand the stress and fear people face.When investigating we guarantee privacy to those who wish to remain anonymous. We look for reasonable explanations for what's going on before we determine the cause of the activity.
P.I.T.O.N. will never leave a client without a resolution. Our relationship with that client will continue.We DO NOT charge for our services.
We will do a preliminary interview, emf & temperature sweep of your residence and record all readings.We will also do daytime photos of the outside and inside areas of your residence..Then we will set up Infrared video cameras and use audio devices for recordings.
EMF Meters detect Electric Magnetic Fields. We are looking for high emf which can cause people to feel many different things, Such as the feeling of being watched, Hallucinations, Skin Rashes, Headaches and Nausea to name a few. We want to make sure that our clients and their family's are safe from these ailments. In the field of paranormal research we believe that spirits are energy and this energy can also be detected by these devices.
We check temperature so we can get a base reading of the entire residence. Spirits we feel can drop the temperature of an area leaving what we call a cold spot.
Digital Recorders are also used. Paranormal Research has been going on since the 1800'S although the word paranormal wasn't used in the English language until the 1920'S. Communication has always been a part of paranormal research, But now we have a way to capture spirit voices. Being able to capture spirit voices can help give us the answers we need to help the home owner. EVP Electronic Voice Phenomenon is the most common data captured by paranormal researchers. These voices are not heard at the time of the recording its only heard on the playback. We believe the spirit voice comes through at a frequency not heard by the human hear, And that the recorder changes the frequency of the spirit voice.
Video Cameras & IR Cameras are used so if paranormal activity happens whether we are present or not we have the activity on camera.
The equipment used is a way of putting all the puzzle pieces together.
During the investigation we ask that only the home owners be present and that there not be any spectators present during the investigation.
We will never present our clients or the public with false findings whether they're historic or paranormal. We are out to find the truth,and to help others. Integrity, Honesty, and dedication to our field in all matters.

Paranormal Intervention
Kelly & Diana Elkins

We don't hunt ghost, We help families